Mortal Kombat Kollection Online

Danny huynh mk splashscreenlow

Splash Screen.

Danny huynh mk mainmenumockups1

Exploring different concepts for the Main Menu. The goal was to set a quality bar for the rest of the game as well as figuring out how to give the players a fun way to select the game the want to play out of the trilogy.

Danny huynh mk mainmenumockups2

The team wanted to go with a more circular tome for this approach because it was more united. We then later decided to incorporate carvings into the negative spaces in between the game versions for game play.

Danny huynh mk mainmenuritualtome2

For the carvings, the team decided that we wanted to incorporate the 10 original characters from the first game. Since reptile is an unlock able character in the first game, I thought it would be a fun idea if a frame was revealed when players earned him.

Danny huynh mk mainmenuritualtomecallouts2

Breakdown for the ritual tome for the Main Menu. The tome would crack and reveal carved out versions of each character when the player unlocked an achievement while playing the game.

Danny huynh mk mainmenu bg withouttemple low

Background painting that would be used as a backdrop for all the screens. This would later on be replace with VFX as the scope for the project changed.

Danny huynh mk mainmenu kryptprogression 01

Main Menu Screen with default tablet.

Danny huynh mk mainmenu kryptprogression 03

Main Menu Screen with a fully unlocked tablet.

Danny huynh mk krypt mockups1

Early exploration of Krypt mode. This game mode was meant to introduce a new way to play the original trilogy. I was task to create a look of how players would interact and move throughout the game mode.

Danny huynh mk optionsmenu
Danny huynh mk fighterprogressionscreen
Danny huynh battlecall2

An option for battle call. This would pop up to show that another player has accepted your challenge. One of the challenges, the team faced was where we want to show the information of the map and modifiers to the player.

Danny huynh battlecall1

Another idea for how battle call confirmation would look like.

Danny huynh mk1 subzero iceball low

An example of hand painted fx I did for the project. I was tasked with setting the quality bar of these so the team could reference them.

Danny huynh mk scorpion bloflame low

A collection of some of the images of what I created for a canceled project. My primary role on the project was to set the quality bar for the UI and fx while maintaining the look of the trilogy of the series.

October 30, 2018