Project Almond

Danny huynh promoart

A visual used for presentation pitches.

Danny huynh danny huynh deckguns
Danny huynh danny huynh radardish
Danny huynh testkit

Environment created with a kit I created. Goal was to speed up production with modular 2D assets.

Danny huynh robocranes7

Different ideas for Drone hands. The drones were meant to pick up boxes and act as a platform for players.

Danny huynh sketches2

Early composition sketches to highlight the mood for design team.

Danny huynh sketches

More sketches playing around with the deck of the ship.

Danny huynh shipdesigns7

After narrowing down to what design wants, we explored different ideas with the ship having an open platform in the center of the ship.

Danny huynh beautifulcornerpainting

A corner for establishing the vertical slice of the visuals for the visual. This went through many changes and later got changed going into 3D.

Danny huynh stranded shiptowerprops paintover6
Danny huynh stranded shiphulldesign

Paint over of the ship over an in-game screenshot. I was tasked with making the level look more like a cargo ship.

A collection of artwork for an unannounced project . I was tasked with world building, prop designs, and creating visuals to inspire the team.

November 16, 2018