BSG: UI Art Test

Danny huynh bs ui arttest campaign

Mock-up of the HUD of game meant for PC. My main goal was to cover all the elements needed for campaign mode.

Danny huynh bs ui arttest campaigncallouts
Danny huynh bs ui arttest damage

How it would look when the player gets hit.

Danny huynh bs ui arttest sketches

Sketches of different elements. The tricky part was figuring how to keep elements for gameplay consistent even when introducing a different game mode.

Danny huynh bs ui arttest hardpoint

A mock-up of the HUD for how it would look like for "Dominion" mode, where players would have to fight for a point to win.

Danny huynh bs ui arttest mobile

Mock-up of how the game might look on mobile. It was tricky trying to find a balance between displaying important game play elements and cluttering the screen.

Danny huynh exercise2 extra
Danny huynh exercise 2

An art test that I did a couple years back. The goal was separated in two task, one was to create a wireframe of the HUD for any consoles on top of a screenshot provided by Blind Squirrel Games. The second task was to take a game and analyse what I liked and describe any changes I would make. It was a fun exercise, so I took it further and did a bit extra.

November 22, 2018